A Phono Preamp Upgrade for The Dynaco PAT-4 Preamp

Front View of thePAT-4 with a blue light kit installed

Vinyl Magic

I've been listening to records lately... Old records... analog records... and been enjoying every second of it! Like you, I've got a PAT-4 Preamp, but I was never really satisfied with the Phono section. So I re-did it, and I think you'll agree that this upgrade kit will make your PAT-4 much better than new.

How Did You Do It?

The improvements come from topology changes that are only available to you if you have installed the upgraded PATPWR power supply. It has the negative 17.5 volt output that enables the magic to happen.

The Best Components

You get the top quality components you've come to expect from Updatemydynaco.

Assuring Your Success

You get the things that make doing even a challenging rebuild like this one possible, and even pleasurable.

And it sounds awesome! There's something special about the sound of vinyl, and this upgrade to the PAT-4 lets the greatness in the grooves shine through.

Order Now

This is an astounding improvement for just $24.00 plus shipping. When you make these upgrades, you'll have one of the best sounding, smoothest operating PAT-4 Preamps ever made.

Just One More Thing

If you're going to do the work of installing the PAT4LP upgrade, it makes a lot of sense to install the Line State Distortion Reduction kit (DRD4) at the same time. It reduces the distortion of the line stage by a factor of 10. At just $5.00, it has been called the best value in audio.

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