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The FM-5 and AF-6 Tuners

Dynaco FM-5 Tuner, with and without front panel illumination

FM-5 Tuner, with cartridge lamp replacement kit

Dynaco FM-5 Tuner

AF-6 Tuner

About the Dynaco FM-5 Tuner

The FM-5 tuner was the transistorized successor to their popular FM-3 tube tuner. The FM-5 had auxiliary inputs and a volume control, and so could be the center of a simple system when combined with a power amplifier like the ST-80 or ST-120. It has a good reputation, and good sound, selectivity, and quieting.

Service Manual

Here's a pdf copy of the FM-5 assembly and service manual, a really nice scan, so it's a big file (45 MB).


Early versions of the FM-5 had PCB's labeled PC20 (RF board) and PC21 (power supply/audio/decoder board). For later versions, like the ones shown in the assembly manual above, the PCB's are designated PC-25 (RF board) and PC-26 (power supply/audio/decoder board).

Filling in the Blanks

The assembly manual is a bit sketchy. I'm using this place to collect some measured data to supplement the missing data in the manual

About the Dynaco AF-6 Tuner

The AF-6 tuner combined the FM section of the FM-5 with an AM tuner, thus the name AF-6, for AM-FM Tuner 6 (a bit of speculation here, of course).

Here's a pdf copy of the AF-6 assembly and service manual, scanned at quite high resolution so it's pretty huge (90 MB).

Cartridge Lamps for the Dial Light

Dynaco used custom lamps to illuminate the tuning dial. They kind of look like a 3AG fuse, but they are longer and thinner. They are also completely unavailable today. But, there is an alternative coming. We're developing an LED-based replacement that fits into the metal end caps from the original dial lamps. So, save your old cartridge lamps, particularly the metal end caps.

Here's a link to order the lamp replacement kit.

This kit works equally well in the FM-5 and AF-6.

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