The Stereo 150

Dynaco Stereo 150

Dynaco Stereo 150 with meters

About the Stereo 150

By the time the Stereo 150 came out (around 1975), the venerable Stereo 120 had been in production a relatively long time. To modern eyes, the Stereo 120 would probably look a bit baroque. The Stereo 150 is a design that bears a strong resemblance to current day designs. Even so, certain common features of current day designs are missing.

Lesser Known Facts About the Stereo 150

Schematics and Assembly Manuals

Facts and Measurements from My Stereo 150

Through the miracle of Ebay, and a very reasonable "Buy It Now" price, I now (11/30/2013) have my very own Stereo 150. Here are some quick thoughts and observations.

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